Friday, December 31, 2010

a new beggining

another year had began!
and i have to start all over again
how i hate that!
i wish something in the past turn differently!
but it didn't

i wish i could be you

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

by Demon Vampyr Child
I see him coming towards me
His eyes His skin
Luminescent in the dark
He turns my head and bites
a blissful stinging sensation.
My end is near.
Death's grip is icy on my neck.
Then a hot sticky liquid fills my mouth
Sending energy through me.
Running down my face
like melted ice cream on a summer's day.
I begin to Die!
I now rise when the sun sleeps.
He has given me new life.
What am I?
A Monster?
A Demon?
A Goddess?
A Dark Angel?
I see everything.
I kill sucking life
I live for Death,
Hell, I am Death,
I am a Vampyr!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


me and my sister "puan morQue" go to her school for a tuition class.
i had to show my skill being a teacher.
now i know, its hard to be a teacher.
i as a student actually pity them.
i've been saying bad things about them.
now i know it is fucking hard to teach

Monday, December 13, 2010

damn! slumber party!

me and my shitty friends celebrate my birthday at my house!
we are celebrating it now!
slumber party!
kiki lala!
ferero rocher!
kit kat!

the celebration

they celebrate my birthday!
i was so excited that day
but mother fucker!
shit happened!
but what can i do
i'm just a normal human being
not some superhero

what if i'm the bad guy
not the superhero!?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

:) happy face!

i am fucking happy :)
hahahah! why the hell you do that yesterday!
today you did get your own price of making me fell hell!
hahahahahahahaha! if you didn't understand why i did that. 
ask your little self ! WHY!
PS: i am a bad bad girl!

the silent treatment

i gave you the chances to talk to me. but why the hell you didn't use that chance. the chances come in a million year. you destroyed that. and i 'll never gonna give you another chance. the thing about you, is i cannot understand your way of life. why the fuck you act like that. when in front of her you act like an ass! why did you do that. are you ashamed of talking to me? hah? 
PS: you are such an ass!

Monday, November 29, 2010


i step on the earth like stepping on a sponge.
i'm like floating trough the clouds and the rainbow is flying at my back
i can't stop it.
it drifting me away!
away from here and fall on HIS lap!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


things are going down down!
had to listen to bablings,
have to know the things that i don't want to know,
why god!
i have to know so much!
please erase these information from my memory
it  do not give benefit for me.
erase it!

the fucking chat!

Minutes later, you proceeded to say
something that almost broke my heart
but i have to act like i'm okay with your decision.
i hope you are happy.
you are an honest people tell me what your  heart fells.
but if that what you fell i have to accept it!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


which one to choose?

i am head over heals to choose from to of them. they both cool, funny, fun to be around.
but there are a differences.
i cant choose!
my first love or love in first sight!

PS: i mjght as well choose E for EDWARD
       my love from birth till the day i rise in the dead!
       actully that is a good idea!

7 days in hell is over!

i've told you about my tuisyen and first it kindda suck but after a while, we all become friends.
i get to know them a little bit more and they know a little bit about me. we sat together, we eat together, even go to the toilet together. hahahah
but all of that is over, we are now separated and pushed to go our own way!

i <3 you kak atilia, deena, nabihah.

Monday, November 22, 2010

shity school!

orang cuti aku skolah......

mak aku telah membayar sebanyak RM 500 untuk aku habiskan cuti aku untuk tuisyen
pergi pukul 9 balik pkul 5. syoik gila~~
tapi tak pa la! what to do!
fuck fuck fuck
firetruck shit!

0 tu wa ga pa ma na ja ka lan!

shity school!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Oh Edward, you amaze me

By far the best Cullen of all
I'd give you my life, don't you see?

Make me one of you I beg and plea
compared to you my beauty is dull
You are the monster I want to be

Oh Edward I can see you're meant for me
That you would never let me fall
You will always be there to catch me

I'm trying to convince you to love me, don't flee
Tell Alice not to make the call, wouldn't be worth it at all
We can run away together when you go to Italy

I know your heart is frozen, but surely it has a key
The only thing I need is you. That's it, that's all
I'd give you my life, don't you see?

I've been waiting for you to realize you need me
That your life with Bella, a Marysue, is very very dull
Oh Edward, you amaze me
I'd give you my life, don't you see?

Monday, November 15, 2010

fucking school is fucking over

at last the days of education is over. i hate school! but there are pros and cons about meeting friends, losing a laptop. wow that is very fun. thank you to 2E1 for making my days in smkkj is fun and playful. and thank you to the teacher for asking so many fucking forms~

ps. school days is over

nuetron star collision

I was searching 
You were on a mission 
Then our hearts combined like 
A neutron star collision 

I have nothing left to lose 
You took your time to choose 
Then we told each other 
With no trace of fear that... 

Our love would be forever 
And if we die 
We die together 
And lie, I said never 
'Cause our love would be forever 

The world is broken 
Halos fail to glisten 
You try to make a difference 
But no one wants to listen 

Hail, The preachers, fake and proud 
Their doctrines will be cloud 
Then they'll dissipate 
Like snowflakes in an ocean 

Love is forever 
And we'll die, we'll die together 
And lie, I say never 
'Cause our love could be forever 

Now I've got nothing left to lose 
You take your time to choose 
I can tell you now without a trace of fear 

That my love will be forever 
And we'll die we'll die together 
Lie, I will never 
'Cause our love will be forever 


since the first day of school we're together
when i'm sad your there
when i'm happy i have someone to share
in every year i sat behind you
every year!

now i can't see your eyes
now i can't see your your beautiful hair
but i can see you through my heart

i miss you!

puntianak siang

pergi shopping di longwan!

aku bersama kakak ku puan morque pergi membeli tudung! maklumlah raya nak dekat. muahaha
baju semua baru. puntianak pon nak raya gak! aku nak pergi cuci keranda aku nih!
"wait for me to come out and bite you"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

hari pertamaku

hari pertamaku menjadi seorang blogger~                                                                                           

setiap kali papan kekunci ditekan mesti aku mual. aku tiada ilmu untuk menulis perkara yang manis, puitis. aku hanya tahu perkataan kesat sahaja. jadi kalau nak kenali aku dengan lebih dekat jadilah follower aku. aku berumur 14 tahun.. dilahirkan di ulu baling.tinggal di sungai petani dan bersekolah di khir johari~