Friday, December 31, 2010

a new beggining

another year had began!
and i have to start all over again
how i hate that!
i wish something in the past turn differently!
but it didn't

i wish i could be you

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

by Demon Vampyr Child
I see him coming towards me
His eyes His skin
Luminescent in the dark
He turns my head and bites
a blissful stinging sensation.
My end is near.
Death's grip is icy on my neck.
Then a hot sticky liquid fills my mouth
Sending energy through me.
Running down my face
like melted ice cream on a summer's day.
I begin to Die!
I now rise when the sun sleeps.
He has given me new life.
What am I?
A Monster?
A Demon?
A Goddess?
A Dark Angel?
I see everything.
I kill sucking life
I live for Death,
Hell, I am Death,
I am a Vampyr!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


me and my sister "puan morQue" go to her school for a tuition class.
i had to show my skill being a teacher.
now i know, its hard to be a teacher.
i as a student actually pity them.
i've been saying bad things about them.
now i know it is fucking hard to teach

Monday, December 13, 2010

damn! slumber party!

me and my shitty friends celebrate my birthday at my house!
we are celebrating it now!
slumber party!
kiki lala!
ferero rocher!
kit kat!

the celebration

they celebrate my birthday!
i was so excited that day
but mother fucker!
shit happened!
but what can i do
i'm just a normal human being
not some superhero

what if i'm the bad guy
not the superhero!?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

:) happy face!

i am fucking happy :)
hahahah! why the hell you do that yesterday!
today you did get your own price of making me fell hell!
hahahahahahahaha! if you didn't understand why i did that. 
ask your little self ! WHY!
PS: i am a bad bad girl!

the silent treatment

i gave you the chances to talk to me. but why the hell you didn't use that chance. the chances come in a million year. you destroyed that. and i 'll never gonna give you another chance. the thing about you, is i cannot understand your way of life. why the fuck you act like that. when in front of her you act like an ass! why did you do that. are you ashamed of talking to me? hah? 
PS: you are such an ass!